Thursday, May 17, 2007

Those signs that we could live without

On the road between LA and Phoenix today, I read the following sign:

Other Desert Cities

Ha ha ha. Welcome back to the South :) No seriously, I was cracking up in my car for 10 good minutes. That's got to be a fun job, to be making silly signs like these or coming up with funky street names like "calle sin nombre" -yes, we have one of these in Tucson! Maybe I should just rethink my career path! :D

Alright folks, it's been quite a trip making it all the way down here. Quite strange to think that I am not simply on vacation, but moving out of the country altogether. Believe me, the temptation was strong to get back on I-5 North when I saw the sign in LA this morning :(

Alright -this trip has been quite tiring, so I'll head to bed. Bonne nuit!

1 comment:

César said...

en effet, tu fais des efforts, tu écris en français... bravo!