Sunday, January 16, 2011

Olivia's first birthday party

We needed birds flying all around the living room. Lots of them. All around. Yes we did.

Oh, and we also needed flowers in our hair. Otherwise it wouldn't quite have been the same :) Everything is just better, when you have flowers in your hair.

And cupcakes. Mmmm yummi yummi cupcakes. Because you see, we were celebrating our little Olive's first birthday. And that, my friends, deserved some sweet goodness.

And did we have to force Olivia to try them? We stripped her down from most of her clothes, and mmmm, well, see for yourself......come here come here little Cupcake!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


My little love,

I didn't think it would come that fast. Yet here we are. You're one, my pucinette.


It was only a year ago.

One year filled with love. One year of morning smiles. One year holding you tight when I take to to bed at night. One year of your daddy trying to "scare" you and you, little mischief, you just plain laugh at him because you know he's just being a little silly :)

One year, and guess what? Your hair is finally growing! Well...not very fast....but you're making progress ;) Soon daddy's gonna have to stop singing his favorite song that he made up for you - "hvor er alt mit haar"...

Not to worry though, I am not the least worried about your daddy's ability to make up more songs for you :)

On the morning of your birthday, daddy and I woke up early and went up to your room to wake you up with your first " I dag er det Olivias fødselsdag". We started singing, and then we realized that you couldn't even open your eyes to see what was happening! Poor little thing, you had an eye infection and your eyelashes were stuck!!!!

But hopefully the Chokoladebolle you had for breakfast made up it :) I am pretty sure it did, you devoured it in not time, both of your fists full...good thing you only have two hands I tell you!!

Little Olive - Daddy and I, we love you oh-so-so much. And we can't wait to go on many fun adventures with you and watch you grow and become a big sister this year!

Love always, Mamma

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little playdate with Clo Clo!

On Saturday I was supposed to go to Pia's to do a photo session with little Clo is just getting cuter and cuter by the day (oh, and I am going to say this a lot, but she just got her first haircut ever, and I am so jealous of her sassy haircut! :D) . But we had to change the plans when my Troels rushed to Copenhagen with our car to find an emergency dentist - poor thing hadn't been sleeping all night because of the pain. So we didn't want to give up on seeing each other so instead, we decided to meet up later in the day when Troels would be back, for a little lunch and a playdate for the girls - and do the actual photo session another day.

But, well, I just couldn't resist but take my camera out to capture a few (well, a bit more than a few) pictures of the girls playing, and of Clo who was just charming me left and right the whole afternoon with her adorableness (yes I know it's not a word but hey, works for me :D), and look at her hair!

Of course, while I was focusing on taking pics of Clo, my little helper Olivia decided that she would do a little "cleaning" around the house......I turned around and there she was, just emptying the shelves of all their books :D Yep, good job Olive, that's my girl! All the books where about traveling too.....mmmm maybe she is trying to tell us something??!

In any case, you'll see a full session of adorable little Clo in the next few weeks, in the meantime enjoy these of the girls and also check out the slideshow :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years from Paris

She's got magical powers, she does. Because every time we hang out with her it's just all fun and like a big breeze of fresh air... Plus, she's Olivia's favorite tatate patate :) My Soaz, she is just what we needed after the not-so-good end of the year. And I am so glad that we had planned a few days in Paris to hang out and celebrate New Year's.

Thanks for making the beginning of 2011 all it should be, Soaz. Happy New Year everybody!