Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My little helper...and some previews :)

As I mentioned in my last post, last week was busy, with three photo session. It had been a long time since Madeline's birth. So last week I had one session for two adorable little boys on Monday, then my friend Clothilde's beautiful bump on Wednesday, and on Friday one adorable new little man, Gabriel...only 6 days-new :) And my little Maddie, she just trucked along to almost all the session, a perfect little assistant she was :D Thanks my love for being so good and letting mama do her work!

I'll be posting the pictures from each session this week (and another session I've been meaning to blog for a while), so make sure to visit my photography blog this week. I'll start with Enzo and Sacha's session tonight....but in the meantime, here's a little preview from each session pour vous ouvrir l'appetit! :D

Enzo & Sacha

Clothilde's beautiful bump

Le petit Gabriel

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A week, to remember....

*....this day. It was two years ago, and going through all the pictures again this week, I felt it all again.The overwhelming amount of love. Words I will never forget. All that happiness from having friends and family with us. My girls in pink. The laughs we had watching a band of Danish boys rapping away to tell me "Give Troels a chance" - ok ok. I will. Twist my arm :)

And the thousands more wonderful moments.

*....what family means around here. My grand-mother invited us over the lunch on Bastille day, a perfect occasion to stuff ourselves with her yummi comfort food.

We spent a few hours just hanging out. Litteraly. We didn't speak much. We were just....there. Together. Enjoying the simple things. Taking naps. Spending hours looking at old pictures.

Taking breaks between courses to take a walk in Mémé's garden.

Looking at each other. Looking after each other. Four generations observing each other, learning from each other.

We may not always speak our love out loud. And that love, it may not always be easy. But we know it's there.

And sometimes, old stories that make you laugh or bring tears to your eyes come to the surface. Like last night when my dad told me the entire story of when my grand-father died. 38 years ago this week. My dad was 15 at the time and alone with his dad, away from home, when my grand-pa had his heart attack. I'd heard bits and pieces over the years, but last night was the first time I heard it all. Thanks daddy.

*....that I love what I've been learning this past year. And that is, snapping away with my camera :) I had three photo sessions scheduled this week. A new born session, another one for two little boys, and on Wednesday I also took maternity pictures of my friend Clothilde. She and Brieuc are expecting a little boys for the beginning of August.....here's just a little teaser Clo :)

It was a warm warm day, we drove all the way to their little house in Janze with the girls and made a girl day out of it. Had lunch in the shade of the back yard. Snapped away. Stuffed ourselves with crepes. Snapped away again. Went inside to escape the mid-afternoon summer heat and danced in the living room. Snapped away some more. And came back out to enjoy the late afternoon sun :) And that, my friends, is the definition of a perfect afternoon!

And I just spent my time this week thinking about how happy people were when I was done taking the pictures. What it means to them, to have these moments of their lives captured. I feel so blessed that I can do this for them.

*...of course, to be kids and enjoy the little things. Like an afternoon snack under the walnut tree. And making faces until our mouths hurt from so much twisting :)

Hoping you are all having a lovely weekend! Remember to enjoy the little things. And the people you love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fast forward

I started taking care of him he was little. Oh-so-little, only three-months new when I first saw him with his parents at the Epic Cafe in Tucson, when they interviewed me for the job. I was still a student at the U of A, and all my afternoons I spent with him and his brother. This little pig, running around the house :)

Fast-forward a few years. Here is my Nicolo-Rigolo. So much bigger. But as always, the sweetest of souls :)

The millers are visiting this week. adding a lot of chaos (as always with Cal and Nico) and a lot of wonderful conversations (as always with Brad and Lindsay) to our week. I really missed these guys, and it's great to be able to add to our pool of memories. Tucson seems so far away now, and yet. Ha, nostalgia again, didn't I tell you in my last post? :)

Funny thing is, Nico is now helping me with my own kids :) Pushing Olivia's stroller when we go feed the little ducks at the pond.

Such sweetness to watch the kids run around the lake. So many memories coming back to my mind. I just sipped it all in. And clicked on the shutter many times to make sure I didn't let these new memories escape.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nouvelles rencontres

When we come back home, it's usually always about good old this and good old that. Friends we had not seen in a while. Things I used to love to do when I was a a little girl in the village. Nostalgia beating me up from left and right. But last weekend, we spiced things up. Last weekend was all about new encounters.

New is good, we like new. Well....ok....maybe Miss O didn't think as much :D

On Saturday we took her to the hairdresser (and old friend) Alain for her very first haircut....noooot exactly to her liking :D If you asked her, she probably was happy with her hair just the way it was. Oh she was happy to play with the combs and brushed and million treasures she could find there, but she'd try to escape every time we got near her hair. Good thing Alain had tons of books to distract her! But hey, I have not doubt it will grow on her....before I know it I'll be complaining about the hundreds of dollars she'll want to spend getting the latest haircut to be cool like her friends :D So I'll take the complaining for now.

On Sunday, Soaz and mister R came all the way from Paris for a quick visit to the wild wild west. We had sportsy morning playing swingolf and pretending to be monkeys up high in the trees- itmight not qualify as sports to many of you....but it was more exercise than I've done in the last....mmm...century???.

All accrobranche pics by Sebastien Poullain.

After all that sweating and huffing and puffing, we came back home for well-deserved drinks under the walnut tree, a nice BBQ and chill time around the pool.

And another series of crazy pics with the girls. Like we didn't have enough from the previous weekend :)

My dad also had a great weekend, meeting new people, possibly new customers for his business. Lots of sparkles in his eyes. I think that right now, he has all he can possibly ask for. He is a happy man.

And this little girl. Always dancing. With a big smile on her face. Every time she ears the slightest hint of a melody. Even late in the evening when we've been out and about all day and she's getting tired. That's not new, oh no. But that, that is something that I will never ever get tired of watching.

Another great weekend to add to the ever-growing list of lovely memories we'll keep with us from this summer back home.