Friday, October 31, 2008

Can you see the Empire State Building????

We're just back from signing the lease for our new place, and couldn't help going back up there to check it out and take some pics :) Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, I took these with my phone camera and the sun had not reached the West side again :) We can't wait to move!

heheheh Evil T and mini dD

Troels and I's costumes for next year's Halloween :D With the crutches it would have been hard this year...but with my luck in the surgery next week, they will shorten my legs instead of fix my knee....which will work PERFECT for the costume :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are moving South!

....and when I mean south, I mean south in Manhattan :) With an ending lease and an apartment that could fit a chair and half a bed (ok maybe I am making it worst than it is :), we decided to find a place where we could actually breath.

On November 9 oh yeah, we are moving to the financial district - that's right, 3 days after my surgery, lifting that coach is going to be awesome physical therapy :D Jk mum ;) Our place is going to be bigger and with an amazing view (wink wink to anybody who wants to come visit), has great amenities, and is going very convenient for Troels to commute to work. Yaaay go us :)

So our new address starting Nov. 9:

Apartment 5008
2 Gold street
New York, NY 10038

Here are some pics (and Troels has more on his blog):

The crutches, episode 2!

So here is the deal: after an other MRI and more Xrays, turns out that I have both a torn ACL and a meniscal tear. Oh yeah baby, that's right! I always do things right :D So I've been on crutches for about three weeks now, and have surgery on November 6 - which I am actually excited about cause I want this to be fixed....and I am also thinking of all the ice cream Troels will bring me to make me feel better after the surgery. Hehehhehehhe :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh dear dear crutches, love of my life!

Back in crutches I am, and this time it looks like it's gonna be for a while. mmmm mmm fun with our 5th floor appartment with no elevator heheh I am liking it already :) OH well, life goes on :) The doctor should call me today with the results from my MRI and xrays, keeping my fingers crossed and my smile up - but given I hurt my knee while picking up tissues in a store (yeaaaah uh uh people just don't realise how dangerous shopping is :D) I don't think I am going to escape surgery this time:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tristan's baptism

Sunday was little Tristan's baptism -oh he looked so cute in that little outfit of his :D Smilling and babbling with the priest during the ceremony! heheh now the question is, who is going to read to him at bedtime that little bible the priest gave after the ceremony? Come on people :) I can't still believe how much Ditte baked for the lunch after the ceremony! It was so wonderful tough, and now she can put her oven at rest ;) hehe good little housewife :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

eating and singing, what best in life! :)

mmmmm lovely food prepared by Hanne and Kristine, and oh the fun of singing Danish songs that I don't understand with a cold.....some work to do on that end:D
From top to bottom: the T and the dD, Kaare under attack (Go Mona and Mej-Brit!), Troels' mormor and morfar & cousin Christian, Katrine and I (gangster mode), Hanne & Steffen with Hanne's borther Thorkild and his wife Kristine

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tristan getting sooooo big!

....and my favorite expression of him so far? The puppy face. Troels does the same face when he knows he is in trouble. hehehhehehe.
Below: with Ditte, Asbjoern, Kaare, Tristan & Troels :)

Crashing planes in Denmark

Some people need to learn how to fly planes, it seems like :) Kaare (Troels' brother), T and I went out to fly Steffen's new plane here in the fields of Nødebo. hehehehe fun fun. Interesting how some people have such a big mouth about their abilities to fly planes but then end up crashing into the first thing they see -right Kaare? Since I couldn't really do anything because of my crutches - yeaaaaaaaah I hurt my knee again, another silly story-, I had the priviledge of recording the whole fun...I think that someone is now regretting asking me to record anything hehehhe. TOO LATE!

Anyway, so much fun hanging out with Troels' family...even if I can't really do much. I'd much much rather be here than stuck on the 5th floor of our building in New York City! We will see what the doctor says next week about my knee! Keep your fingers crossed for me...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back in the Game :D...well sorta!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post. But 1) my camera broke and I have not been able to take pics in a while, and 2) I've been a bit busy with "boring" stuff like job search and wedding planning. heheh lots of fun. yes yes, I can hear you say excuses excuses...but hopefully I buy a camera this weekend and the lost silence will end!

Just to give you a quick update: 1) I am still waiting for answers/interviewing so no news yet on that end but I am hoping to know very soon!, 2) the wedding next year is gonna be awesome, state-of-the-art event of the year, so you do not want to miss coming to cowland :D - my mum is already going all out to help me, on the excuse that she doesn't have to work anymore hehe, 2) I've been having fun playing with Illustrator and Photoshop to design our save-the-dates and wedding website -my first stuff but I am having fun!, 3) I am going to Denmark with Troels next week for Tristan's baptism so be ready for more crazy stories from the Danes :D, 4) The fall in New York is absolutely beautiful and many of you should come visit - Soazic you are first on the list....but others should also beware!

Lots of love xoxo