Monday, September 27, 2010

Horsholm Little Ones session - Anna & Christian

*To view a slideshow with all of the pictures from the session, click here!*

It was all dark dark clouds and gloomy sky on my drive down to Horsholm. Drops of rain starting to hit the windshield. And then I came in the house, and saw this little blond girl hiding behind her mamma, a shy smile on her face. Little ray of sunshine to cheer up the day :)

Anna quickly ran to the coffee table and pulled out pens and drawing books, so focused on what she was doing, her little feet twisting this and that way as she decided which color to use, her tongue almost sticking out at the corner of her mouth.

Little, beautiful soul, and her mamma's biggest sunshine.

And her little brother too.

Look at these big blue bright eyes, wouldn't they just lighten you day too?

Christian and I had fun playing on the bed, rolling around, playing hide and seek. He gave me his all, this little charmer :)

At some point Anna dragged me by the hand and told me we were going outside. Which apparently I had agreed to with her earlier when we were playing...ha the fun of not speaking Danish perfectly, I get myself in unexpected situations. And it was raining some outside, but I had promised to her....and I am SO glad that we went out to play. Anna was so happy and relaxed outside that I manage to get some of my favorite shots of her....well, the few I could catch, because she was very fast this little girl, and she gave me some good exercise running after her with my camera :)

I feel so lucky that wonderful people keep opening their house to me, sharing a bit of their life, and let me capture their little ones, just the way they are. With messy hair, markers all over their fingers and mudd on their shoes. A little messy, definitely not "perfect", but hey, life itself is a little messy, after all. And sessions like this one with Anna and Christian will just just make me smile all day long :)

*To view a slideshow with all of the pictures from the session, click here!*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sneakpeak Little ones session - Anna & Christian

More to come in a few days, but here is a quick sneakpeak of my latest Little Ones session with Anna & Chirstian in Horsholm last Friday :) Such beautiful kids....can't wait to share more soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finding focus

I've been avoiding the blog these past few days.....I came to the blog a couple of times. Then I ran away as fast as I came.

I've been trying to find focus, but these days I am making slow progress. I came back from Seattle after the CreativeLive Jasmine Star workshop with a list of things to do that was as long as the distance to the moon and back. And I am getting lost in the very middle of that list. That list, it's loooong. And it's full of things that are all very important..."of course they are all important!" says the perfectionist in me.

So what have I been doing to try and find my focus? Well first, I asked the CreativeLive Five (Sachin, Victoria, Nate & Stephanie) what they had been focusing the energy on after the workshop. They all came back to me with amazing plans. From rebranding their business to broadening their network, and just about everything in between....and my mind still went blank.

So......I completely let go. Put the list far far away from me, and picked up a book instead. And read, and read, and read. And going on walks with my little girl. Because I usually puts these off, you know? Because "I am so busy" and really a walk would get in the middle of my plan.........but then I actually go on the walk, and I can hear my brain saying "thank you girl!" outloud.

Especially when the sky is as blue as it was today, and fall berries are coming out everywhere - like every bush around is blushing.

Sometimes, when you are trying too hard, the best thing that you can do for yourself is just to ride the wave a little bit and see where it takes you....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little Ones session - Dagmar & Laurits

*To view a slideshow with all of the pictures from the session, click here!*

Dagmar came running to me as soon as I walked in their house, and right away I fell in love with her. There is something exciting about photographing little ones. Like Forrest Gump always says, they are "like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get". Unlike adults who can just "fake a smile" whenever needed, little kids just give you who and what they are right off the bat. And as photographers it's our job to capture the essence of these little souls' uniqueness and what makes each of them so special....even though that means running a marathon session trying to chase a little superman all around the house :)

So Dagmar... she won me over from the first smile, this little girl. Gorgeous gorgeous, such a beautiful smile. I knew when I stepped in the house that she was just going to make my morning...and add to that, she responded to my bad jokes in my broken Danish....what else could I ask for from her!

"Dagmar, where are you?" to Dagmar lost in all of her dolls and plush toys on her bed. "I AM HERE! I AM HERE AUDREY!". "Where Dagmar? I can't see you!". Giggles giggles giggles.

Little girls' giggles are just magical.

And her little brother, oh her little brother. Don't you want to get lost in these big blue eyes? Little charmer that he is, cant' blame his mama to be so proud to be his mama! I was going to steal him away and bring him home with me :)

Maria and Jan made me feel right at home when I came to photograph the children, spoiling me with tea and you see why I had a REAL hard time to leave. Hellowwww, cute kids, endless supplies of tea and brownies? Sign me up to live in their house! :)

*To view a slideshow with all of the pictures from the session, click here!*

Thursday, September 9, 2010


My O-Lovameter is going through the roof this week. Troels is in London all week for work, so it's been just the little Olive and me, jumping around the living room and watching the first autumn winds blow through the trees in our garden. She just makes every moment feel special. And every day I think I can't possibly love her more.....and the next morning I wake up and realize that my love for her quadrupled just overnight.

Her and her dad - the best things that ever happened to me. Word.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing games

Feels like the story of my life these days. Not that I haven't been busy working, mind you. But like they say "Work hard, Play hard".....well, it seems that I have a tendency to get the two mixed up together :) Ooooooooooopsy! when Troels and I disagree on something...or need to make a tough decision...or when there's a job that needs to be done but nobody wants to do it (uhm uhm, do I hear changing diapers???). Well we could easily argue.....spend hours analyzing who's right and wrong....but instead we play games That's right. We play Rock Paper Scissors all the way. It's like magic. Rock or Paper it out and the problem is gone before it even came! I think that in 50 years if Troels and I are still married I will owe it to Rock Paper Scissors :D Maybe that's what we should have had engraved in our wedding rings, "Rock Paper Scissors forever".....I kid I kid my love. Well, kinda :)

And so, remember the three words Jasmine* kept talking about during the CreativeLive training in Seattle? The three words that should define your style/brand? Well, it's been so hard for me to decide on JUST three that define what I do that I've totally wanted to go Rock Paper Scissors on my three words. How deep of me, uh? :) But in the end, here are the three words that keep coming back to me: pure, vibrant, fresh. What do you think? Does this work? Or am I completely off?

And talking about playing games at work, last Saturday I had the most fun of all sessions with little cutiepie Dagmar and her adorable brother Lauritz - oh the blue eyes this little baby has! We rolled around and made bubbles and climbed Dagmar's apple tree in the backyard. After spending the whole morning with her, I am not sure if Dagmar ever stops laughing and giggling...ever :) I'm loving the way the pictures are turning out - and hopefully their parents will like the pictures just as much! So without further ado I give you a sneak-peak at one very handsome little man and one beautiful little girl.

But there's a lot more, and I'll have a slideshow of all the pictures for you by end of week/early next week... so come back soon for more! :)

Xoxo - Audrey