Monday, May 28, 2007

New York New York!

The big Apple! Quite nice to be in this crazy busy place. I hadn't been here since my internship a couple years ago, and it was funny to have to put my NY attitude back on: straight face, no smile, stepping fast, walking straight ahead. That's the only way they'll know you're not a tourist ;)

Of course, I couldn't help going to Chinatown today- eh eh, me a shopaholic? Noooo you must be thinking of someone else :D. I love the comotion of that place, and I was really tempted to the follow one of the small Chinese ladies to go in one of the dark buildings in the small chinatown streets just for the fun of bargaining on purses. My friend Jennifer and I did it a couple years ago, felt like we were in a movie and the police was going break in the building any minute and arrest everybody- oh rush of adrenaline I got with that thought! But I didn't this time - I already have so much to bring back to Europe it's not even funny!

I also managed to go to the Brooklyn Bridge to get a good view of the city, and went strolling through Central Park with my friend Andrea. We saw the best group of hip hop dancers there, quite impressive. And later on in the streets of New York, we saw more hip hop......but this time the dancers were like 12 years old!!!! They were just amazing! Ha ha ha whatever I was doing when I was their age :)

I love New York City :) If you have not been there yet, I suggest you go, AT LEAST to check it out for a few days!

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Anonymous said...

You're right Stitch! NY is an amazing place to visit and I did enjoy myself there last november!!!

See ya soon in Dublin or Nottingham/ Birmingham.

Lilo :D