Saturday, May 26, 2007

Grand Canyon

My friend Emily and I went on a hike in the Grand Canyon last night. We had the best time ever, and it was absolutely gorgeous! We started hicking down at the end of the day, picked a spot down in the canyon to watch the sun set while having diner - mmmmmm a feast of bagels and yum yum dried fruit full of colorants and corn syrup eh eh :) Thanks Emmmm! The canyon went from the brighest oranges, to the deepest shades of blue. We just couldn't believe our eyes as we watched colors leave the Canyon. We then started hicking back up, and with the moonlight, the canyon looked like it was covered with snow. No words, it completely blew my mind! The temperature was perfect, cool and warm at the same time ("Zero temperature" as Emily calls it :) ), with a light breeze. It reminded me of a nice summer night at the beach -that is, if it wasn't for the couple snakes that passes our way as we were hicking up :)

We left the canyon with the biggest smile on our face. I am so happy that I was able to go down the Canyon one more time with Emily before leaving. When I think that so many people in Arizona don't care for the Canyon at all, call it "the big hole in the ground", and don't even bother driving a couple hours to see it - really, they don't know what they are missing!

The Grand Canyon, looking at the Bright Angel trail from the South Rim
Amazing :)

Picture "a la Soazic".....the way I see it :)

My sweet Emm. She has been my friend since my first day in the States- ha ha it all started with band camp, girl:) there was this one time in band camp....... :D

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Laurel Jacobs said...

I had the same sense of awe when we went to the Grand Canyon last year. What a memorable way to conclude your Arizona time! Hopefully not for good, though...Come back again soon!