Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Easy to get out....getting in, another story!

I am talking about the New In-And-Out burger that opened in Tucson a few weeks back. Since the chain partly inspired my blog, I thought I'd write a quick note about the one we just got here:) While these fast-foods are commonly found in California, this one is only the second location in AZ, and Tucsonians got really excited about getting their own. Maybe a little too excited too! Last Sunday, I decided to "drop" by and grab a burger really fast before going salsa dancing...ha ha silly me, the line extended far into the parking lot, and I ended up being in line for about 25 minutes -and let's not even discuss the drive-through line...so much for being a "fast" food place!

My friend Luz even told me that the first few days the restaurant opened, the drive through line extended up to the parking lot of the mall next door, and people waited in their car for up to 6 HOURS to place their order! 6 HOURS!!!! For this much time, people could have gone all the way to the In-and-Out in Phoenix, and come back - in less than 4 hours. Amazing to see what people will do to themselves......for a burger!

Now I wonder if Irish people would do that for a Sheperd's pie :D More likely for a Guiness;)
Part of the drive-through line going in, 05/22/07

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