Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Countdown counting....

.....as Zoom Zoom would say. I am at the airport, waiting for my flight to board....sad :( So while I am waiting, I thought I'd sum up a few things:
  • Years spent in the US: 6
  • Hours left before I leave: 1 - :( :( :( :(
  • States lived in: 4 - Arizona, California, NY and Washington
  • Houses lived in: 5....my fav, La Casita - of course, Emmm!
  • School attended: 2 - Flagstaff HS and the University of Arizona...go Wildcats! :)
  • Diploma obtained: 1 - ha ha barely.....guess I have to thank my dear Top Ramen for keeping me alive all that time :D

  • Trips back home: 8 - just enough to refuel on wine and cheese :)
  • Times stuck at the border: 1 - mmmmmmmmmm yeah....Oooooh that was fun!
  • States visited: 10 - Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Jersey, NY, Oregon, Utah, Washington
  • Most amazing experiences: taking part of a traditional Navajo wedding, hicking down Havasupai, flying in the cockpit of a plane on my way to Albania for Emily's wedding

  • Slices of cheesecake eaten: too many eh eh eh
  • Hours spent at the gym: the what?......:D
  • Best eats: Taqueria Juanitos in Tucson, and Purple in Seattle and that Sushi place I went to with Darren but I can't remeber the name if it. My fav coffe shop: The Blue Dog:) Oh also love that French restaurant, what is it called again? Oh yeah, Jacques in the Box :D.....they have the best French fries and French vanilla milk shakes eh eh
Anything I am missing? Feel free to add to the list if you know anything I should share ;) Got go catch my flight...........

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