Sunday, May 20, 2007

The irony...

....of being passed by border patrol cars these days :) Ha ha. Came across a couple of them today, and I could not help but have a smile on my face. If only they knew....

On another -and completely unrelated- note: why in the world is my pet always sleeping? I think I am boring the poor thing, or maybe it's just mad because I have not found it a name? In any case, so much for trying to do the animal thing. I was so not meant to be a pet owner, apparently. At least, there is always my sister - she is the best with cows :D

Hasta luego amigooooooos. No way Jose.
(sorry, being in Arizona my bad Spanglish jokes come back to the surface:) bare with me for a few more days!)

Soazic, tu te rappeles? :D


Laurel Jacobs said...

Audrey -

Thanks for sharing your adventures. I can't wait to join you vicariously through your blog. I am sorry I missed you at the social on Sunday, but I am sending you a BIG hug with best wishes on this next phase of your journey. Con amor,

Audre B. said...

Laurel -

Thanks so much for the note and the hug :) Since we missed each other, you guys will HAVE to come and see me in Ireland ;)I'll save a glass of beer for you and a cup of water (no ice) for Noah! Con mucho carino,