Saturday, May 26, 2007

The red rocks

Last day in Arizona :( A group of us went down to Sedona today to spend some time in Oak creek, enjoy the cool water and get away from the heat. So rare to find water in Arizona, luckily Sedona is only 1/2 away from Flagstaff - the city displays the most beautiful contrast between the red rocks, the blue sky and the lush green of the trees. It was a fun and relaxing day.

We slid down the river a few times, that was a blast! The current even made Steven do a back flip, and he disappeared under the water for a few seconds. uckily he didn't hit any rocks....Mmmmmmm wonder if one of us would have jumped or just watch him drown waiving goodluck eh eh - jk Steven :D. The bottom of my bading suite turned all green from slidding on the rocks, Ha ha nice work Frenchie. Me like it :)

Tomorrow night I will be flying to NYC, and spending my last couple of days in the Big Apple - a nice send-off :)

Muah! Bisous tout doux!

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