Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to the Wild Wild West!

...of Ireland that is :D The weekend after I got back from Seattle , no time to put my bags down when Jen (a coworker from the US who came to our Dublin office for a couple of weeks) invited me to join her, her boyfriend Ryand and her brother along for a weekend trip to Western Ireland - Nives and her boyfriend also game along for much fun :) We all hopped in the car - woooow my first time drining on the left side of the road and I didn't kill anyone - not even one of the many sheeps that slowly crossed the road as if it was theirs :)

We stopped just about 2000 times in two days for some very special "picture moments" - so I had to share at least a few :) Below are pics from Connemara, the Kilkenny Abbey, the Cliffs of Mohair (yet again, I don't seem to get tired of them).

Anybody wants to volunteer to come and visit me now? :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Love the Blues!

That's all I have to say :) Miss ya, Sarah and Ryan....and my Kathy - hope you are still singing out loud in your car and dancing in your living room :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Bowling night!

So I thought I was going to go to be tonight since it is already 11:30 pm here, but hey who needs sleep really? Telling the story of my not so sober nights in Seattle is much more fun afterall :) THe first week in Seattle was a blast with the Summit - great meetings all around, and a lot of what we all call "socializing" :) My entire group went bowling on the Thursday on the Summit....well I say bowling, just like I could say driking, jumping or vreakdancing all the same. We clearly saw some talent that night :) For the way back to the hotel from the bowling alley, the company had hired some buses, and I have to say that we probably has the best bus of the whole bunch - our driver was really DJ who turned the music up and would switch the lights on and off as if we were in a cluf :) How does it get any better than that, let me ask you?????After this, I just don't know anymore......TPKE - so what does the P stand for exactly? Professionalism? No way! haaaaaa no I know... PARTEY!!!!! :D

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh the Redhook Brewery...

....oh and that was even more fun :D Now what was the purpose of the night again? A trivia night?? mmmmmm I may have missed a question or two :D and ANDY - You DEFINITELY win my award for the best face on pics....and that of the best pic ;) isn't the pic of Todd Moore eating so "genuine"? :) thanks for teaching me your mastery of photography!

Seattle Fun! Dinner with the EMEA crew :)

Kicked out of the Cheesecake Factory, but the show must go on ;) Fun fun night!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sweet oh sweet French wedding :)


Some of you may remember my blog post about Pam and Matt's Bachelor party last June -well this weekend I went back home to my hometown for their wedding. It was splendid. First for the sweetness of seing so many loved ones I had not seen in a long long time - Soazic for example had just arrived back for her year in Australia 2 days prior to the wedding. And just because it was simply splendid all around! The wedding ceremony started a 9:30 in the morning, and the celebration lasted in 7 am this Sunday morning. The food was delicious - we were eating from about 3 to 8 pm - usual for a French wedding though :) Games and songs and many surprises for the bride and groom. Oh And on top of that, before the dance started I had the opportunity to play a game of "petanque" - this fun fun ball game from southern France that I had not played in 10 years! And of course I played veru poorly - what not even that got over my excitment of actually being playing the game :D We danced until the weeeee hours of the day - oh how sore my legs are!!!! Unfortunately I missed "la rotie" (Another French tradition where the friends of the couple make this made up concotion of "food" - usually has a lot of chocolate, and other food items, but other non-food items can be added-that the newly weds have to eat in the wee hours of the morning the day after their wedding when all the friends go and wake them up...sounds a bit weird, but it is always a lot of fun) was sooooooo hard to leave this morning to catch my flight back to Dublin, when everybody was getting ready for the "post-wedding partying". I really wished I could have stayed home longer.....but I guess I can't really complain since I'll be going to Seattle tomorrow :)

Crepe party :)

Anke and I had a little crepe party before she left :) Oh look at her mastering that crepe throwing! :) :P Such mad skillz!