Saturday, May 23, 2009

Away we go :)

Yaaaaaay the beach. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay the sun! How I missed you dear friends :) We went to Massachussets for our friends wedding - which was taking place on Martha's Island, what a dream! When we arrived from to the island on the ferry boat, there was a small band of children playing some of the very popular tunes - a group of children.playing music. in the streets. together. and they weren't even asking for money! Ha I've been in New York city for too long :) Anyway, it was a really good weekend of doing nothing but hanging out by the beach, going on bycycle rides, eating ice cream, and play giant chess :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bateau sur l'eau

Welcome to Scandinavia! Denmark is surrounded by water in such a way that it is almost impossible to not see water every day. The see is everywhere, and there are tons of lakes, and of course the famous fjords. Danish poeple love water in the same way that I love chocolate cake -they just can't live without it! :) Troels' dad Steffen owns a boat that him and Hanne used to go sailing around Denmark every summer. On Sunday, Steffen, Hanne, Kaare, Troels & I all went sailing and I would do it again any day! So peaceful, so different from New York!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weding bells wedding bells, Anders & Kat are married!

It was a lovely & sunny day in Demmark, and I was really looking forward to being there for Anders & Kat's wedding. Kat looked absolutely stunning in her dress (loved the feathers and the other purple details, so unlike any other dresses I have seen).

The day was filled on love, fun, speeches (oh Danish people LOVE their speeches!), & lovely-and-sometimes-funny Danish traditions - like cutting the groom's socks after the couple's waltz??? hehehehe. During diner, Anders stood up, went to the keayboard and started singing a love song her had written for Katharina. Needless to say he is a very talented musician. It was the best moment of the night - and worst nightmare for grooms-to-be that will now have to measure up to that performance :D

TILLYKKE Anders og Kat!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flight number 123 to Denmark

No, I don't feel good about my carbon footprint when I fly all the way to Denmark for only 3 days - I have some work to do to offset my carbon footprint. But now that we have our private pilot, it's all so worth it :D

I always knew our little Tristan would do well!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Nico :)

It was just too short, a hi and a good bye. They are so big already, and I kno wthey will be even bigger the next time I can make it back. Please STOP GROWING NOW Cal and Nico!!!! :)
On Sunday the kids sang in a choir
The smell of the orange trees. Too bad I could not capture that in my picture.
For Nico's birthday...believe it or not it was a close fight :D Brad - it's time to go back to the gym :D

Visiting Monica & the boys :)

Elisa and I went for a short (oh too short visit) to see Monica and her gorgeous boys. I had not met Ronan yet so it was way overdue! :)

1) Yeaaah. Again, I was NEVER meant to tan. Red all the way; 2) Mononica, Elisa & little Ronan; 3) Elisa & I, CA & NY reunited!; 4) Happy times :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baila Baila morena!

Oh such a sweet sweet thing it is to spend time with old friends. To get together some some nice food and drinks and talks, and just have an evening, simple, just full of joy and laughter. Catching up like no time has passed. How much I missed all of my friends:)

A weekend where I just danced my nights away! It had been way too long!