Thursday, May 24, 2007

Arizona skies, desert blossoms and looking back

The drive from Tucson to Flagstaff on Wednesday was even more beautiful than I remembered. I used to take this road all the time while in college to go visit the Foremans, and know it well: you go from the dusty Saguaro National Park to Nothern Arizona's evergreen landscape. Driving on Wednesday, the desert was so green least to Arizona standards that is:)- and many cacti have been in bloom for the past few weeks. Big white flowers are showing up at the top of the saguaros. I also forgot the beauty of Arizona skies. There is not one day I am here when I am not amazed looking up, wether I am looking at the usual bright blue skies, or the clear stary night sky, or - my favorite- the stormy mansoon sky in the summer and all of its thunderstorms.

On my way, I also stopped for a couple hours in Phoenix to get my rear mirror fixed. A small piece of it broke in Tucson as a friend was driving my car right before I was leaving, and we were not able to put the mirror back on. I didn't have time to get it fixed in Tucson, so I said my goodbye and told my friend that I would get it fixed in Phoenix. I could tell she was upset but didn't really understand why. Later that night she sent me the most lovely note:

"Maybe I was stressing out about the rear view mirror because I was worried that without one you'd never look back -- just straight ahead toward the future. Sigh."

L. - The rear mirror is fixed I can look back as much as I want ;)