Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Taking the long way around... often more than worth it :)

Today's been the best day of the road trip so far. Woke up in a beautiful and sunny San Francisco, so of course I couldn't pass a walk near the Golden Gate. How much I love this city, I really wish I would have stopped by for a bit longer. But I had to meet a few of my friends for dinner in LA that night, so I jumped back on I-5 South.

On the way down, I decided that I wanted to stay in a small Hotel I knew in Ventura that night -yes, this shows how much I despise LA. So to get to Ventura, the map showed a "shortcup" via the 166 that would allow me to get to the city without having to deal with LA at all.Ha ha. Well it turned out to be not so much a shortcut of course:) It was this tiny, windy moutain-like road...but absolutely breath taking -so much better in any case than the dusty CA I=5. The road took me right through the Los Padres national Park, and I almost stopped about a thousand times. Taking the long way around. Probably one of my favorite things to do, on the road, and in life ;)

Going back to the story - of course, I ended up never finding the little hotel in ventura, rushed to LA so that I wouldn't be late for dinner...not knowing where I would slepp that night...oh that's how I like it :) It was a blast seeing Doreah, Courtney, and Simona, we had such a great time! Especially helping Courney find her car, ha ha. I am sure that the goal was to see more of Los Angeles, right Court? :)

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