Monday, August 29, 2011

Surviving a hurricane

Well. If we can call eating too many chips and cookies while a few drops fall outside surviving. All that hipe, and in the end Hurricane Irene barely grazed New York City. Not saying that it wasn't dangerous in other cities in the US, but New york barely got to feel its winds. To the disarray of all the reporters that had been called in for the special event, we had fun watching the news and seeing them try to make a big deal out of something that clearly was.

I even dressed up Olivia in her hard-core Danish rain clothes....all for nothing. Barely a puddle she could jump on.

And the day after, we went out to clean up, you can see Olivia was hard at working picking up the three leaves and two branches that feel.


So instead, we decided to draw on the sidewalks, a much better use of our time :)

So long, Irene!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and other daily goodies

They say anything can happen in New York. Everything is possible. And yes, one earthquake and one hurricane in one week? New York says BRING IT ON! It's like Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. Ee wanted our new adventure in NYC? Guess we're getting just that!

So between book readings at the library and play dates at the park, we're stocking up on non-perishable whatever-we-can-find and water, and try to come up with a plan that makes sense if the path of Hurricane Irene actually meets New York. Because, if the earthquake wasn't a big deal (it was over because I realized what was happening, my first reaction was "Silly me, I must have left a window open, the wind got in!"), it seems like the hurricane might be another story. Because as it looks like right now, Irene is coming straight for the Big Apple. Oh, and minor detail, our apartment building is in the area of Manhattan that's most likely to be affected by the Hurricane. Minor detail in fact. Our building is right next to the Hudson river, so as the water rises and the rain pours down, it's most likely to make a big pool out of the entrance hall. We're so good at picking the right neighborhood :)

All jokes left aside, it's all very weird. The sky is clear, the air is warm right now. You would never know that it's coming. I guess it's true what they say, about the calm before a storm. I took a walk with the girls this morning to get a few morre supplies. Everything looked normal. Well, almost. People were starting to pack up their cars and go. The water aisle at the grocery store is already empty. And I try not to panic. "I'm not that kind of girl, I can't panic" I keep telling myself. But I can feel my heart stomping, stomping hard. No no. No panic.

So, now it's just a waiting game between Irene and us. See what she decides to do. Right now, the evacuate of Battery Park is only voluntary. Mayor Blomberg will decide by 8am tomorrow morning ih he makes it mandatory. If so, we'll go spend a couple of days with our friends that live in areas of Manhattan that are not threatened to flood.

We'll try to update you guys, if electricity allows, during the weekend. In the meantime, I'm gonna go have a beer, since this weekend is gonna be all about water :) And go give my girls a big big hug.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three months

Olive at three months. Maddie at three months. Two little dolls that I'm going to hang on the wall :)

Deported, Imported

Ready. Set. Action.

Yes, we're back, friends :) It's been a long time. Too long for my own sanity. You see, this blog, it helps me stay sane. Flush out the good and the bad. Can't remember where I read "one photo a day keeps the doctors away". Couldn't be more true. Except for, I also need to write. I know a photo is suposed to be worth a thousand of words. But sometimes, words can also say things that pictures never will.

So we're back. On the blog. And in New York. But let me backtrack a little bit, because so much happened in Denmark before WE got ourselves deported. It just feels insane to think about all that has happened in the past month. I know it's my life, but when I look back at it, it sorta feels like a movie. Like, things are real, but not really. It's all so new. It happened all so fast.

Our last week in Denmark was great. And awful. Full of laughs. And tears. Happy and sad all in one. We took the time to chill on some days, but then paid up for it quite bad. But what I love about that week, is that we tried to enjoy family as much as possible. It's important, to say goodbye. Troels' grand-ma celebrated her birthday, and so we joined the entire family in Northern Jylland, away from suitcases, a messy house, ever-expending to-do lists, for a few days of hygge.

The kids had the most brilliant time, doing crafts, running after each other, going to the pool. Oh, and jumping in puddles. A LOT. Because, go figure, it rained. A LOT. Thank you, Danish summer, for allowing us to keep our sweaters on the entire time. I sure would have missed not wearing my rain boots also! ;)

But regardless of the bad weather, the area was beautiful. Long strolls on the beach with hubby and Olivia. Away from all the craziness that was awaiting back home in Nivaa.

OOOoooooooops. I fell. My butt is wet :D

Olivia is so curious about everything these days. I have a blast going around, showing her things, telling her about things. She looks with inquisitive eyes, look at us, and we can see it on her face: she's trying to figure it all out in her little head :) While in Jylland, we went to go see the windmills. She LOVES them. Cried her heart out when we had to leave. Oh, and we also tried to put her in a field of wheat, just to see how she'd react. Yeaaaah. She's didn't digg this quite as much as the windmills. That, she was crying to get out off :D

The girls also met their new little cousin, Malia :) She arrived while we were in France, and couldn't wait to see her. Welcome to this crazy little family, little Malia, we're so happy to have you with us! All I got to say is, Maddie and Malia Best Friends 4 EVER :D The little girls just hung out, fell asleep together, comforted by each other's presence. It was oh-so-sweet.

Back in Nivaa after this mini-vacation, it was complete C.R.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S. Days of packing, cleaning, sorting through our life. And still taking care of the girls. Waking up at night to feed Madeline. I don't think there was a time in my life when I was more tired then then. But I'd rather not think about that too much. All I have to say, thank papa, Jean, Steffen, and Hanne for helping us getting everything done! Couldn't quite have done it without you.

And the last thing we did once the house was all cleaned up, and the bags all packed (too heavy) and ready to go? Well, we enjoyed the family. Some more. Cause you can never do too much of that. We spend the last evening at Hanne and Steffen, and celebrate Tristan's and Troels' brithdays early.

Lovely lovely last day.

And we went off. Away again.

To New York. Where things make you feel brand new, there's nothing you can't do, dixit Alicia Keys. And it's quite true. I'd forgotten the energy of the city, how contagious it is.

The apartment is now starting to feel more like a home - more pics soon- and the girls are getting used to their new life. We're getting our routine together, I've getting the hang of having to take care of the two of them most of the days. Life is, let's admit it, quite good :) NOw, do I have time to myself????? mmmm I actually forgot what that's like - could you tell by how long it took me to update the blog???? :) I always look to my right, see one girl. Look to my left. See another little girl. And it's ok, I know things will come together, and I'll get time for me. Right now, I just want to focus on them little girls.

We go to the park. I show Olivia all these new things. The big buildings. The helicopters flying around. She looks with her big brown eyes. It's been too hot in New York, so we try to go to the park every day, they have big water fountains and Olivia couldn't be happier running around in the cold water.

Not fair. She's already better at skateboarding than me :)

Actually, it's been so hot, that the first few days we got here, Olivia would get into our half-empty fridge and try to hide in it like it was her little house. Hahaha. Yep, that was HOT! Now of only I could have taken a picture of that!!!!! Oh, and her latest thing: she takes handbags everywhere she goes. Like a little lady :D Yep, we sure do have a little girl!

And little Maddie? She's sweeter than ever :) Still has her big blue eyes - now I'm really really hoping she keeps them, and her beautiful red hair. She's getting bigger every day. And to top it off, I heard a beautiful little laugh for the first time on Monday :) That will have to make a video soon.

So, as you can see, we're alive. I would even say, we're doing great :) Now, granted, we're tired eh. But we're happy to be back. We have the feeling like so many more of our dreams are going to come true here. And hoping this holds true Hello New York.

Until the next update, friends, be good! :)