Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cowboyland for Thanksgiving

One last quick trip before we head back to Europe - and before I can't fly no more with our little tinymus in my belly. Two weeks and we are moving....8 weeks and baby's here! Crazy!!!

In any case, direction Arizona for oh-so-lovely Turkey Day. We just had the best time - sun for a couple days, snow on Saturday and Sunday. Only in Arizona :) On our schedule: hike in Sedona (oooh did I think I was gonna make it up that hill??? Tinymus you're getting heavy!), Grand Canyon, Freezbe golf with the Foremans, dinner with Emily, sunday football and chicken wings....and of course TONS of food for Thanksgiving....hhaaaaa pure bliss!

Found my cowboy - yeaaaaahhhaaaaaa:)

The first person that tells me my belly looks like one of the big huge rocks by the river.....goes in the DAMN RIVER!!!!
...not like I didn't warn you :D You look brave in there my love.....but we both know you were freezing to death :)
For once, Brian stayed ON the bridge:)
Freezbee golfing.....mmmmmm thought I had enough training at home with the Wii.....real freezbee golfing kicked my butt!
No matter how many times you look at's a BIIIIIIIG hole!
My huuuuubby :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas CAN be scary :D

Troels and I went on a little gateway weekend, not too far, just to New Jersey, because we wanted to go ooooooooooh-shopping at the Woodberry Commons on Saturday. On Friday night Troels booked a room in a small bed and breakfast place - and if the fact that Christmas was approaching hadn't hit me sure hit me right in the face as soon as we entered the house. The place was a lovely little house....but it just looked like Santa litteraly threw up in that house :D

Christmas song books on the piano, red and green decorations EVERYWHERE, etc etc....oh but my favorite of all? The woman's display of her collection of Santas. Just plain scary...and this was just a small bit of what she had. Santa has never scared me off before.....but I think that that night I actually had nightmares. Never thought I would ever say this, but actually....too much Christmas kills Christmas!!! Get off the red and green people!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ella est la :)

Yifhat and Yoav's little Ella arrived on Monday :) We got to go see her at the hospital and she is just the cuttest little thing - well, not so little, 3.8kg....go figure why her mum is happy to not have to carry her around in her belly :) Welcome to this world, Ella!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Doreah Love

Even five minutes of it, it's always nice - I'll take it:) Doreah stopped by our building for 5 minutes this weekend, to give us a big hug. Hope we can see each other a bit longer next time, sweetie!

The High Line

I had been wanting to go on a walk on the High Line (a park in New York City that was built on old supsended train tracks that run through the West part of the city)ever since we moved to New York - and Satuday we did. Saturday, best day of the year - cold, rainy and windy day :D Haaaa, we just have such a way of picking our days :D

So no pretty pictures this time around since the weather was so terrible-except one beaaaaaaaaautiful iPhone pic of Troels and me and my hair flying around! But below are some pictures of what the High Line really looks like. Maybe we'll try again before we leave....although we are running out of time now. Only three more weeks in New York....and so much to do!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where the party's at :)

Looks like our little Tinymus is having fun in there! Going left and right and up and down.

Tinymus - I am wondering what you've been doing in there, turning my belly into your little playground? hehe You've been hard to catch though! I've been trying to get this video for a few days. You usually stop moving as soon as I grab the video shy before birth, are you? :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who's wearing the pants now?!

Tricky little ones. I've been working on creating a good pattern for these little baby pants in the past couple of weeks. No perfect, but I think I am getting there. I made these with an elastic band + extra reversible length at the bottom so that baby can wear these pant a pit longer as he/she grows up.

Problem is - I don't have a little one try these on and make sure they fit right :) hahah oh so if you get one of these in the mail, my lady friends who just had babies.....just don't get offended if they don't "quite" fit :D You're part of the experience! xoxox