Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slow down

Long time no see, friends! I had planned to share a few posts last week, and then...well, life happened :) So I decided to enjoy it rather than spend time rushing to try and finish posts when my head and my heart  just weren't there. Life happens offline. Time to slow down and smell the flowers, literally - flowers everywhere here! We had no master plan coming here this year, and I love that for once I am letting time sort of flow, no goal, no agenda. A walk in countryside here, a glass of wine there...I was hoping we could go cherry picking with the girls again this year, but the cherry season peaked a couple weeks before we arrived and birds took care of the rest for us. Oh well! The girls have been spending time with their cousins and making little French friends at summer camp - and every day they are learning new words, especially new words that their mama won't teach them ;) We're in France staying at my parents  until then end of the week, and on Friday we'll head over to Denmark. Hubby will join us there -we miss him so!  His family hasn't met little Freia yet, and we can't wait to see them all :) I will *try* to post a bit more the next couple of weeks - but no promises there ;) Hope you are all having a lovely summer!