Monday, December 31, 2007

Beautiful traveling

Picture of a perfect place, of a perfect moment - like all the ones I have been spending with you, baby. So beautiful, so simple. Nothing’s greater than the rush that comes with your embrace.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas y'all :) I hope you are enjoying the holiday season just as much as I am... my Christmas is the merriest of all, how sweet to be back home to spend time with the family. Feels all warm inside :) Last night with my mum side of the family, today with my dad's side. LAst night was such a blast - too much good food (mmmmmm those frogs and snails :D), too much good wine and way way too much fun. We did our round of silly presents once again - people really worked at it this year hehehehe, between the Thirst Extinguisher full of Pastis to the giant calculator. We were cracking up the entire evening, so much I had cramps in my stomach :) And today - well, more food on its way, and more time with the family.

Time and laughs with the people you love. Best present in the whole wide world. Could not ask for more :)

1) My dad and aunt Maryvonne smiling away :); 2) Cedric & Emma; 3)Jef and his giant and oh-so-pink calculator; 4) mmmmmm champagne!; 5) Tata Maryvonne and her "no-thirst" helmet; 6) Caught; 7) Emma, Cesar, David and I with our pretty hats :); 8) my sister and her giant lighter; 9) Cesar, Nath and I;

Monday, December 17, 2007

THE Bee movie :)

B. honey- only because I love you :) :) :) This was too good not to share... now, I know I am probably gonna have to pay that back..... bring it on :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Xmas Parteeey!

Oh believe me, the MS people always know how to turn a rather lame party into something that will stick to the mind, let me tell you! Last Wednesday we had our Christmas party at the Thames Rowing club: no transportation to get to the other end of the world (well, the other end of London really), no heat, bad food, kicked out of the place at midnight....BUT....PLENTY of cheap cheap wine that we could get drunk on :) that was enough to get the night started for us ;) In the quest for a dodgy bar, we ended up at the bar of the Victoria plaza - and then.....well, whatever happened in London will stay in London I am afraid to say :D But if you want to know - you know where to ask :D

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The "But what is it exactly that you do?" group

Ooooooooooh I found the best group on facebook: the "but what is it exactly that you do?" group: for those who always have a hard time explaining their job to their friends and family. He he he I thought it just fit perfectly :D Because let me tell you.....being a Technical Account Manager in Online Advertising for MSN, not always easily to get accross. Yeah, so my grandma still thinks I have coffee with Bill Gates every morning, my friends constantly ask me if I could find the Hotmail account password that they lost for the 10th time, and my parents call me every time they have a virus on their computer...hellooooowwwwww people :D :D :D In any case, this groups is just hilarious - if you are a French speaker on facebook (yeah it is all in French), go check it out here and you are going to be cracking up at people's stories for a good 1/2 hour. Such good therapy for the mind :) for once I will say: thank you facebook!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Once the amazing movie I just saw tonight with Richard and some friends. Simple. Beautiful. I had the feeling of listening to the story of a friend, of being right there with the characters. A private invitation to their story. Chills in my body, smile on my face. :)

And the best part - it takes place in Dublin: Grafton, St Stephen's Green, O'Connell Bridge.... and Mountjoy Square, where she lives- and me :) Now, don't be scared of the Irish accent - worst case: use subtitles eh eh. The movie is great at showing life around here - oh that first scene is such a Grafton street classic, hilarious :D Although, I still can't believe they missed one BIG BIG didn't rain once during the movie :D Now, that's a BIG miss!

Anyway....go watch it. Now. Now :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jamming with the Japs!

Last Sunday, my Japanese friend Junshi (a harp player I randomly met walking Grafton street - ask me the story later :D :D) invited me over to learn how to make Japanese curry with his sister Kyoko and a few of his friends. Yum yum yum, oh the wonderful food! I don't think I ever tasted a curry that good - and adding to that, the pride that we actually made it - well...... Kyoko made most of it eh eh... probably why it was so good :)

In any case, I should have guessed that this get-together would have turned out a bit nuts :) All of the people invited knew how to play one instrument or another, and as we drank more Japanese beer, and Kyoko alway having tons of instruments laying around her appartment, I guess we all started to feel more.....mmmmm.... creative, let's put it that way :D The 5 of us ended up jamming with guitars, flutes, xylpohones.......... beer bottles :D We played anything and everything that crossed our mind, from a reaggae happy birthday, to good old Hotel California (ouch the singing :D)...and not forgetting what will probably become the bestselller on our Album (oh yes people! we are talking album here! :D), our special song for the nigh, "Hurry it's the curry!." :D Eheh. Alright. I know what you are thinking, "no more drugs for Audrey!". But most of you know that quite well that you won't be surprised at me actually enjoying such cheesiness :D Anyway, quite an interesting night, looking forward to the next rehearsal eh eh

Kyoko - quite proud of her rice :D

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmous Christmous...feeling quite mischievous :D

Caught stealing presents from public Christmas trees? eh eh I had to share this priceless picture :D Merci merci pour cette contribution, 6arts :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dreaming of a white Xmas :)

Grafton Street and the city center is just beautiful these days :) Oh sweet sweet month of December, I wish you'd never go away:) Will you stay here with me forever? now if only there could be snow, I'd be the happiest little girl on earth :)