Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minipuce at 36 weeks - a.k.a how much I love Alicia Swedenborg :)

No no, my pregnancy is not back-tracking........although at this point, it does feel like minipuce is going to be in my belly forever! :) I am now at 39 weeks, our midwife Kirsten thought that she would come last weekend.....yet, no sign of the little girl. She's making us wait for her alright :)

But the good thing is, that left Alicia more time to work on the pictures she took of my belly when she came for a quick visit to Denmark at the beginning of April. I didn't mention the shoot because I didn't think that Alicia would be crazy enough to come all the way from Sweden to us for just a few hours....but turns out, she's just as crazy as me :D And that is one of the many reason why I love the girl so much - that, and she's a concentrated ball of fun!

Here is by far my favorite picture from the shoot, but you can see many more that she posted on her blog. Click here :)

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