Sunday, April 3, 2011

Minipuce at 35 weeks

We're not sure it's a baby yet. I might have just swallowed a basketball.

I never realize how big my belly actually is until I see pictures of it. Scary! It had been a long time since we'd taking "official" belly pictures of the little Minipuce, and I know these pictures are way overdue by now. Better late than later :) I don't really have any to compare with my first pregnancy, the closest are these pictures of Olivia at 37 weeks in my belly.

Oh, and (be still my heart!!!) I might get even better pictures of my belly for you very soon. Professional pics indeed!......but not a word on the actual plans until I know whether they'll actually happen, I would be way too disappointed otherwise. But just a hint for now, the plans would involve this awesome girl/photographer from Sweden. Fingers and toes crossed!


Messaline said...

C'est chouette de te voir ma belle... bientôt en vrai, j'espère très fort! Bizoux Mess@

Audrey said...

Merci Messa :) Si tout va bien on va revenir en France qq semaines cet ete, donc je croise fort fort les doigts qu'on puisse trouver le moyen de se voir! Tout plein de bisous ma belle.