Monday, April 4, 2011


And it came in a blink.


The last year in my twenties.My last few months without wrinkles. My last chances to party all night long. My last glimpse of freedom. Haha. Ok I am joking here. The great thing about marrying a guy that's a bit older than you is that no matter how old you get, there's always the comfort that you're still young compared to him and that's just priceless :D Right, honey?

But no kinding, that number did come in a blink. It was yesterday only that I had shorter hair and celebrating my twenties. Or so it feels. And yet, so so much has happened since then. I can't quite wrap my head around all of it. Moving countries. Finding my skattmus. One little girl. And another one on the way. And these are only the very big things, there's been so so much more to all of these years!

So here is my one-more chance to make my twenties count, and you bet ya' I'm gonna take it! Looks like this year is going to be business as usual - a.k.a crazy and an utter mess by anybody else's standards :) -, and I am so looking forward to all of it.

As so, turning 29 has also been a perfect excuse to eat endless amounts of cake - or rather, homemade tart in my case.....can't get enough of them apples :)

And an excuse to get friends together an escape to this little outdoor playground where kids could make trouble in the mud, climb up big trees and other mischief, while adults stuffed themselves with delicious warm Snobrød that we baked on the fire and jam.

Completely Danish, and that's just what I wanted for to celebrate my birthday. Friends gathered around a big fire, chatting while drinking hot coffee. We had a blast, me and my pretty flower rainboots. Oh yeah, cause it ain't really a birthday unless you're wearing some kind of flower! Helloooooow!

My opinion on turning 29? Hurra hurra hurra as the Danes go :)


Mélie said...

You look gorgeous in red... Or is it the BBB (Big and Beautiful Belly)? Can't wait for you having your little girl number 2 (remember Numérobis?)... Love from us all, Mélie and Cie
ps : and oh, just a very small detail : I'm 32 and no wrinkle. No, not the slightest one. ;-) Me, dishonest??? Nooooooooooo!

Audrey said...

Youpi Youpi un message un message un vrai de vrai :) Numerobis is coming soon.........and we can't wait either :) Muah!