Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carpe Diem

The last couple of weeks, I've been on the chill pill :) Doing a little bit of work of course, like Nuno's maternity session... whatever photo session I can manage to do with my basketball of a belly! :D - thank goodness for patient clients who let me take all the time I need to get up and down so I can catch what I want with the angle I want!

But mostly, I've been enjoying each day. As in, EACH day. Nothing more, nothing less. Just letting myself go with the flow of the little things that don't always seem like much, but that make life so wonderful. Because, soon enough, another little piece of beautiful mess is going to join us and rock our world - for the better of course-, and we can't wait for her to come...but we can also wait :) And right now, there's nothing that I'd rather do than to enjoy things just as they are.

Like breathing in all of that Spring goodness.

Granted that spring is a bit slow to come up here in Denmark - my dear French friends, please stop bragging about the absoltelyawesomebirlliant weather you've been having:D So the carpe diem comes in handy here as well. As Forrest Gump said "You never know what you're gonne get" :D the weather is still a bit chilly and quite unpredictable. It's not often good, but when it is, oh boy the day feels so sweet. Olivia and I have been enjoying some nice little late afternoon snacks in the garden after I pick her up from daycare.

She just wants to be outside all the time and it's a battle every time we have to get her back inside. The girl has some opinion, can you blame her with the parents she has? :D

Or taking this little girl to the pool to hang out with her little friend Clothilde.

The girls love the swimming pool, they kick their legs like little frogs as soon as they hit the water, smiling so big that they probably swallow more water than their stomach can handle, but they don't seem to care a bit. They are happy :) Soon enough I'm not sure we'll have as much time for this, so It's great to just enjoy it while we can!

And then, here's to getting a few girls together for an evening of warm drings, hygge, good laughs....and most importantly, Nutella mug cakes :D No pics of the evening -somehow I never quite feel like picking up my camera when it's hygge time, it almost feels like it you break the moment and make the hygge disappear. But here's pics of the nutella mug cakes. My first attempt, and won't be my last - they were delish! If you want the recipe, click here.


David said...

Wow très poétique tout ça, t'as vraiment l'air d'en profiter ! Les photos des Nutela cups me donnent très envie aussi !
A plus bisous

Audrey said...

Hahah David - moi, poetique? :D C'est pas toi qui faisait des rhymes sur facebook dernierement???? :D