Sunday, April 3, 2011


There always comes a time towards the end of the pregnancy when a woman wants to nest for her new baby. Get things in order. Prepare a comfy spot for the baby. Clean the house. Well, we can definitely say that I have hit that spot!

I am nesting.

No no. Let me be clear. I am NESTING, people.

I've been taking my little bump to Ikea and the fabric store too many times, and my sewing machine is still smoking hot from all the hard work I made it do this past week. Things for the baby. Things for the house. Tons of projects I'd been saving on a list over the past few months but never really got to.

We now have a rocking chair (I'd been dying for one when Olivia was just born!), and so I also made new pillows to celebrate :) Nerd. I know.

A dirty clothes bad for the girls' changing table.

A bean bag for Olivia. She's been letting herself fall on it, not sure she got the concept of sitting on it quite yet though ;)

And finally, for the new little one, a little "Nid d'Ange", a sleeping bag that she'll hopefully feel safe in the first few weeks that she's with us. Yes. Mamma is wishing this will make her sleep ALL the time. That's right, this little sleeping bag is going to do miracles I tell you, I just know it. One can always hope, right? :D

I still have a quite a few projects that I want to work on before she comes, but at least right now I feel like a good little mamma bird.

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