Sunday, April 24, 2011

Silence is gold

That's something that you can't say very often when you have a fifteen months old.

Ooooh no.

Silence in the house, these days, usually means that Olivia is somewhere making trouble. I am drinking my tea at the table, until I notice that Olivia has made herself disappear. Troels and I look at each other. "Olivia, ou es-tu?". Well, turns out, most likely redesigning our coffee table with her crayons. Or emptying mama's purse and finding many treasures that she can take to her own treasure box. Or heading for the stairs - you know, because the view is so much prettier from up there. Among other things. So no, silence is hardly ever gold for us :)

But this weekend, it was. Pure gold slience. And I know that it's Easter and that what we should have been celebrating....but our weekend was totally not about that. Olivia left for a weekend trip with her farmor and farfar to visit the rest of the family in Jutland. Giving us, lucky parents, not one, not two, but three whole days of silence around the house. And not that we don't miss her - we usually spend most of our timing without her talking about her :D But having that silence just for a little bit. That nothingness. That calm before the storm "hits", so to say. And AMEN is all I have to say to that.

Nothing to do but to enjoy the sun. Go have picnics by the water.

Holds hands and go on walks.

Eat ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. Mmmmm passionfruit, peach, cononut, raspberry, lemon......I can't get enough sorbets these days. I'll take one of each flavor thank-you-very-much.

Oh, and if you walk around our garden these days you'll find a lot of these little white guys. There's popping out everywhere. Here you have it, Troels has picked up golfing and nobody can't stop him now ;)

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Laura said...

I'm so glad you two got a weekend to yourselves before the golden silence REALLY ends! :) Good for you!