Thursday, March 28, 2013

(Olivia) 10 things I love about you v.2

My dear little Olivia,

My, how you've changed since last time I did something like this! If someone had asked me back then if I could ever love you more, I probably would have said no, because I was quite certain a loved you like crazy already...but you proved me wrong, because there is not a day that I don't love you a bit or minus they days of non-stop tantrums :) Here are some of my very favorite things about you right now:

1. How spirited you are. I know a lot of parents will say that a child is spirited in a bad way, but to me it is a good thing. You are are genuinely so happy and have so much (overflowing) energy. Oh that smile of yours, and the sparkles in your eyes....I am so proud you are mine.
2. How focus you can get. When you are not dancing and hugging people, I usually find you reading one of your books on your own, or drawing a picture, or building a house with your legos. You have so much focus already!
3. How much you love your sister. The other night, Madeline wasn't behaving when she was supposed to be in bed, so I told her she would go on time out, and you shouted at me: "You be nice to my sister! She is my sister. You don't take her away. She's my sister!". I know that often you drive each other crazy, but I can see through all that all the love. And it makes me SO happy.
4. That you are my little Picasso. You live for art projects. If I let you you would do art projects all day long!
5. The little curls growing on the back on your neck. You are so pretty!
6. You love hanging out with your friends - the best news I can give you is to tell you that we're hanging out with the WWs or going to see Maddie. You get so excited that you will usually go pack a backpack right away - yes, you like to be prepared to go on a playdate :)
7. You don't like to play princess, you ARE a princess. You were your princess dress 24/7. You always come to grab my hand and say "Mama, please come to my castle", and usually when you walk you will hold your dress like a princess - what you did through the airport on our way back from Denmark last Christmas.
8. That you say things like "I am sweet, I am a unicorn" and "mama, did you see my rainbow?". Girl, keep them coming!
9. That you are making sentences in Franishglish, and it's so damn cute. "Hurry guys! L'avion gonna partir", "You wanna come spise with me? I made a gateau". I have no doubt that in time you will figure it all out. You are that amazing.
10. That you always try to kiss me and hug me when I am getting you dressed. By now it has become a little game, and it makes you laugh so much.

You amaze me more and more every day. You are no longer my toddler, I can see that, because every day I get new glimpses the wonderful little girl that you are becoming. You are my dreams come true, little Olive.

 Love, Mama

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Glendaly Torrales said...

How beautiful!!! Don't ever lose these posts so they can see them even though I know they already feel them.