Monday, March 25, 2013


The past couple of years, I didn't really think about starting traditions with the girls, because I thought, "they are so small, it doesn't really matter". Really, that was probably an excuse. The real reason was that I was probably two tired of raison two little girls under 2.

Now that they are bigger though, and that things are much easier, I am trying to put some thoughts into what memories I want them to grow up with. I know that in the end, I can't really know what will really matter and what they will remember and not, but I think that traditions are nice, and hopefully they will look forward to us doing some things together every year.

 So this year we decorated eggs. With kool aid and sharpies. Badass, uh? We invited our partners in crime, the WWs, to join us for this little Easter fun.

Also made hot cross bun for the first time, and was so happy about how they turned out! Before I knew it they were gone, and I only realized I didn't take a picture of them until I saw this one little guys sitting alone on the plate. So that's what you'll get of that. Next year I'll do better :)

And I guess the buns were not enough food for the girls, because as soon as they were done decorating it, they started peeling them off and stuffing them in their mouth.

Cheers for new traditions!

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