Friday, June 24, 2011

On to new adventures

When my father retired a few years ago, I didn't really think it would last long. Maybe a week. Or two. But I know my dad. Spending his days in a rocking chair smoking his pipe, not so much. And so, what did he decide to do instead? Of course, start a new business for one of the thousands ideas he's got in his head.

Friday night was the inauguration for Bois Chaleur Service, the new chimney wood company he is starting with my borther-in-law David, at my grand-mother's old farm. As my father mentioned in his speech, she would have been so happy to see all this life and activity at the farm. I miss her, hopefully she can see this from where she is.

It was a big party. A great party. My father had a smile on his face the entire time. He was so happy to have all of his friends gathered for this new beginning of his. Because, you see, not only are new beginnings possible. They are good. No matter your age.

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