Thursday, June 23, 2011

Douce France....

....cher pays de mon enfance. This songs comes to my mind every time I come back.

This is our first travel with the two little girls - not the last either- so we're trying to "strategize" as much as possible. Me with Maddie. Troels with Olivia. Talking on our phone with one hand, reading a story with the other, changing a diaper with the last. Wait. That's one hand too many. Ha. How I wish! And packing as tight as we can so we don't have to carry two hundred bags. So forgive me if I stink a little f=during the trip, it's probably because I ran out of clean clothes :D

And to think we used to complain about not having enough time to watch to good movies on the plane when we traveled alone :D We but hey, we made it to France in one piece, so hurray to that!

How sweet to be here, and this time for a bit longer than the usual 5 days where we run around like chicken without our heads, trying to fit more dinners and lunches and brunches and coffees than there are hours in the day. But not this time. Well, at least hopefully not :) hopefully we can go back to Denmark somewhat rested.

Look, we even have time to feed the donkey - how about that hey? :)

I've always wanted my kids to really know their cousins, have great childhood memories with them, so hopefully this will help. Olivia already loves Nils. Like, L.O.V.E. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she sees him. And that makes me oh-so-very happy.

But still, I think we're still boating one party a day. You know. Just to stay in shape :) Like celebrating my brother's birthday with yummi yummi champagne and chocolate cake.

Olivia has been enjoying the pool big time since we got here. Well, not at first. At first she kinda ran away from it. Guess she was too used to the 34-degree pool at the swimmix class. Spoiled little girl she is, she's no real viking you see :) No swimming in the cold baltic see for her, it seems like.

Anyway. She even pulled her kung fu moves on her dad. See.

But in the end she went in, and now she has turned into a little fish.

Sweet memories. Sweet France.

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