Thursday, June 2, 2011


We knew she could do it. Still, part of us thought we'd just mess up our kids brain. Like, she'd probably end up talking American pretty good. Because really, learning three languages, well it's no piece of cake. And for the parents to figure out how to go about's a work in progress.

And not that we can quite claim victory, but happy to report that our little olive is making some progress :D

She understands what we tell her in all three languages. Well. That is, unless she chooses not too :D Maybe a little stubborn like mama and daddy??? Who would have thought!

Reading books with of her favorite things to do. Even when daddy reads books in French pretending he knows what he is doing :D

And these days her sweet little voice fills up our house with dye dye-s (bye bye) and mad-s (food in Danish) and dodo (sleep in French). In short, she pics whatever word is easiest to say in whatever language, lazy girl hehe. And, every now and then, she'll mix the two. Like, "hopp-er", using the Danish word for "Jump" and then conjugating it in French.

Oh little girl :)We just can't wait to hear you speak more of that Franishglish with us.


KayJay said...

I think it is a HUGE present that you are giving your daughter, whatever you do, don't give up! I grew up bilingual (English/German) and my boys are too (7 and 5). When they started Kindergarden, they spoke English and understood all German, they were just extremely stubborn and did not want to speak German (in all German surroundings VERY unusual), Kindergarden wanted us to stop speaking English to them at home, we refused and won. They are now both fully bilingual, but English is still their stronger language!
Have fun on your TRIlingual journey

Audrey said...

Kerri - thanks for sharing your story! It's great to hear what other went/are going through. I hear you, about the "hard times" and thinking we should just give up one of the languages, at times. But we're sticking with it, and I know eventually we'll be so happy we did. The hard work will pay off!