Monday, September 27, 2010

Horsholm Little Ones session - Anna & Christian

*To view a slideshow with all of the pictures from the session, click here!*

It was all dark dark clouds and gloomy sky on my drive down to Horsholm. Drops of rain starting to hit the windshield. And then I came in the house, and saw this little blond girl hiding behind her mamma, a shy smile on her face. Little ray of sunshine to cheer up the day :)

Anna quickly ran to the coffee table and pulled out pens and drawing books, so focused on what she was doing, her little feet twisting this and that way as she decided which color to use, her tongue almost sticking out at the corner of her mouth.

Little, beautiful soul, and her mamma's biggest sunshine.

And her little brother too.

Look at these big blue bright eyes, wouldn't they just lighten you day too?

Christian and I had fun playing on the bed, rolling around, playing hide and seek. He gave me his all, this little charmer :)

At some point Anna dragged me by the hand and told me we were going outside. Which apparently I had agreed to with her earlier when we were playing...ha the fun of not speaking Danish perfectly, I get myself in unexpected situations. And it was raining some outside, but I had promised to her....and I am SO glad that we went out to play. Anna was so happy and relaxed outside that I manage to get some of my favorite shots of her....well, the few I could catch, because she was very fast this little girl, and she gave me some good exercise running after her with my camera :)

I feel so lucky that wonderful people keep opening their house to me, sharing a bit of their life, and let me capture their little ones, just the way they are. With messy hair, markers all over their fingers and mudd on their shoes. A little messy, definitely not "perfect", but hey, life itself is a little messy, after all. And sessions like this one with Anna and Christian will just just make me smile all day long :)

*To view a slideshow with all of the pictures from the session, click here!*


Katharina said...

OMG Audrey, your pictures get more and more beautiful every time I see new ones...

I look forward to bringing my kinds in front of your objective.

Pam Rauber said...

Hi Audrey,
I'm from Atlanta, GA. I have been following you since CL/Jasmine Star.
I 2nd shoot with my daughter in wedding photography, the reason for watching five full days and feeling like I already know you.

I adore these pics. I'm a grandmother and always look forward to opportunities to photograph my grandbabies. So...obviously, I am drawn to children.
Great work...and do practice that Danish, kids have a way of tricking adults ;-)

Looking forward to future posts.
Pam Rauber

Audrey said...

Pam - Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little bit about yourself :) I love to know more about people who come and visit my blog! I promise I'll make sure to practice that more tricks :) How is the second second shooting going for you?

Stop by again soon!