Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing games

Feels like the story of my life these days. Not that I haven't been busy working, mind you. But like they say "Work hard, Play hard".....well, it seems that I have a tendency to get the two mixed up together :) Ooooooooooopsy!

....like when Troels and I disagree on something...or need to make a tough decision...or when there's a job that needs to be done but nobody wants to do it (uhm uhm, do I hear changing diapers???). Well we could easily argue.....spend hours analyzing who's right and wrong....but instead we play games That's right. We play Rock Paper Scissors all the way. It's like magic. Rock or Paper it out and the problem is gone before it even came! I think that in 50 years if Troels and I are still married I will owe it to Rock Paper Scissors :D Maybe that's what we should have had engraved in our wedding rings, "Rock Paper Scissors forever".....I kid I kid my love. Well, kinda :)

And so, remember the three words Jasmine* kept talking about during the CreativeLive training in Seattle? The three words that should define your style/brand? Well, it's been so hard for me to decide on JUST three that define what I do that I've totally wanted to go Rock Paper Scissors on my three words. How deep of me, uh? :) But in the end, here are the three words that keep coming back to me: pure, vibrant, fresh. What do you think? Does this work? Or am I completely off?

And talking about playing games at work, last Saturday I had the most fun of all sessions with little cutiepie Dagmar and her adorable brother Lauritz - oh the blue eyes this little baby has! We rolled around and made bubbles and climbed Dagmar's apple tree in the backyard. After spending the whole morning with her, I am not sure if Dagmar ever stops laughing and giggling...ever :) I'm loving the way the pictures are turning out - and hopefully their parents will like the pictures just as much! So without further ado I give you a sneak-peak at one very handsome little man and one beautiful little girl.

But there's a lot more, and I'll have a slideshow of all the pictures for you by end of week/early next week... so come back soon for more! :)

Xoxo - Audrey

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