Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am just a girl in the world

....and my brain has just been a bit confused as to where exactly I am in the world. But the good news is, I am moving. And I even might dare to say that I am moving forward. I guess most people can keep track, and really, it shouldn't be that much harder for me. I think it's because my mind has been thousands of places these days. For those who I haven't talked to lately, it's official: I've decided that I am not going to live my dreams in my next's going to be here and now. And so with that, I took the very official step of legally creating my photo business in Denmark. Pop. Champagne :) And I've booked my first few clients for September. Double pop :)

I am still not sure what this all means. And I am scared. And unsure. And what if I fail and fall very hard on my butt? What if...? What if...? What if...? But I am ready. I am ready to shape my life in the way that I REALLY want it deep down.

I know I am, even if the chicken in me wants to find thousands of reason why I should keep putting this I'll just say, go away chicken, you are so not welcome at my house anymore!
Here's to new beginnings! And here's to my friends who graciously let me go all paparazzi on their kids :)

Little Emily and her sister Naomi were quite a treat to photograph....because, seriously, look at these little girls. They are pure cuteness. And full of energy that's just contagious. And just plain adorable. And also because, whenever I am clicking my shutter to put them in my little black box, somehow, the scary chicken goes far far away and all that's left is that feeling of wanting more and more of this.

And that, I like. A lot.



clo said...

Go for it, Audrey! It's not a dream anymore, you're gonna be a great photographer, we all know that! (You already are actually...)
We're so happy for you...Keep living your dreams, that's the key of your happiness (even if sometimes it means a few bruises on the butt :)

Troels said...

I wanna stand with you on a mountain :)

Jasmin said...

Dear Audrey,
watched you on the Jasmine Star Workshop and I think we would match perfectly, beacuse I'm such a chicken, too.... *lol* I took the same step into photography business over here in Germany, too. And I AM AFRAID!!!! But who wonders with other photographers who just seem to be in the world to make other photographers life harder. I tried to 2nd shoot (as Jasmine told), but all the answers were: "No, why should I promote another photographer next to me?"
But I will live my dream as you said and perhaps we could make a little danish-german cooperation here?
Would love to hear from you - Copenhagen is just 4 hours away from me, that's nothing... ;-)

Audrey said...

Hi Jasmin - thanks for the message!!! If you see this - what's your email address? I would LOVE to be in touch. Take care!