Thursday, August 12, 2010


The past week have disappeared I don't know where. I guess having twelve people staying at your house will do that to you :) And it has been one celebration after another....after another.

Troels's birthday. His grand-pa's birthday. Olivia's baptism. Norway kicking the French soccer team's butt last night. And believe me, all that celebration.....that's a lot of empty bottles! :)

Olivia has been a happy little girl all week. Because, yep, when Marraine Soaz is around, Olivia is smiling ALL the time :)

And to top it off, it was her party. Her very own party.

Olivia had a blast at her baptism. I am no making it up. She smiled and laughed the whole time we were in the church, so much that the pastor had a hard time focusing on what she was saying. Way to go Olive. I guess she felt good in the church, maybe she found her calling ;)

As much as Olivia was laughing, it didn't help make the sun come out. Buckets and buckets of water poured down, so we stayed under the big tent in the garden, all cosy, eating and drinking all afternoon.

And that's when I realized, I couldn't have cared less about the rain. Because all I really needed was under that tent. My family, my friends, all laughing together.

And there is another person that was super happy at the baptism: my wonderful hubby :) Ever since we started planning the baptism, he only had one idea in mind: to roast a pig. Asterix and Obelix style. He doesn't joke around this kind of stuff.

And he did. He roasted a pig. Checking out Youtube the night before to figure out how to do it. And we doubted we would have anything to eat at the baptism. But he did it. And he rocked it out.

The meat was so good people went for fourth and fifth serving before they knew it. And now, knowing him, he likes to up what are we going to roast for the next party, baby? A cow? An elephant maybe? :)

xoxo, Audrey


Katharina said...

Thanks for a lovely day and a great party! (and for the pics!) I hope it's OK I steal+link to my blog?

Audrey said...

Steal steal away Kat ;) It's awesome you are linking!

Monica Lynn said...

Wow! Looks like that was one spectacular get-together! LOVE the always.