Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Better than a chill pill

Things have been spinning pretty fast these past few weeks. Between Olivia's baptism, the load of happy Frenchmen that invaded our house for two weeks, and getting ready for the workshop in Seattle, it feels like summer is just slipping through my fingers.

But today Olivia and I managed to escape the house for a few hours for a little play date with the happy little kiddos and mothers of the mothersgroup I belong to.

There is just something about watching little ones that set my mind at peace and tell my brain "Ok. ok. Everything is ok. Relax now and enjoy". No chill pill would have a better effect on me!

And look at these babies, I would just eat them all if I could. Some future heartbreakers these little ones, let me tell you :) Elias kept looking at me with a "what the heck is this lady with the black box doing" look on his face - so had to share a picture of that :)

They are all changing so fast - now we are starting to see their little bottoms moving in all directions. Up in the air for those who are about to crawl. And down sitting all by themselves. Look at Sara's big smile that says "I am a big girl now and it's so cool :)"

Truly, a nice break in the crazy week. It just reset my mind on what is important right here, right now. As they would say in Denmark - tak for en dejlig dag :)

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