Sunday, July 25, 2010

La Liste

I've had this song in my mind all week.

Because I've been making lists all week. Lists of all sizes and shapes. Lists about just about every topic you can imagine. Some of them are supposed to make me more productive with my time - please notice the "supposed" here :) Like my list to get ready for Olivia's baptism. Others are just like Rose's list, a bit dreamy with a deadline set to inifinity and beyond. And then there are the lists are just a random sea of words, these lists I think have no other purpose but for me to get things out of my head. Like going to therapy, "well hello doctor!"

One of the list I've been working really hard on lately is the photo-madness skill. I am flirting with the dream of going pro, but I still have so much to learn about this art and figure out about myself that my photo-madness list is getting endless. And I know that's a good thing :) One of the bullets on my list is to submit a video for this: the epic wedding workshop with Jasmine Star. Oh the dream of going -I would learn so use the trip to see some of my Seattle friends!

Now I've been making progress on the list too! Item #1 off the list: I attended Scott Kelby's World Photowalk this weekend with the Copenhagen group, and it was just so great to get together with a group that has the same passion has me. To just use the time to experiment a bit with photography, to do things I would usually not do. And also simply to spend more time in Copenhagen, because really I just don't go there as much as I should. Here are some pics from the walk:

Randomly during the walk we met a cowboy. I stopped to chat a few minutes with him - best decision ever, highlight of the walk for me, easily. Made me want to take the first plane back to Arizona to get my dose of desert, salsa dancing and tortillas.

Item #2 off the photo list - I've been attending a weekend live free class by CreativeLive with David duChemin about vision and phography. So inspiring. David is both super funny and wise, some golden nuggets from the training:

"this is art, […] there are no rules"
"Life is always happening. Go out and shoot it. Create something, get yourself out of bed."
"The best photo tool that we have is our creativity. Not our lenses. Not our gear"

Glad I got that ticked off my list. Thanks David and CreativeLive for the kickass training! Looking forward to more.

And then well, when you are doing lists, sometimes what you need to do is...forget all about them :) So here is to jumping in the water, laughing with little ones, and watching sunsets with friends sipping red wine and other wonderful things in life.

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