Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A half birthday

My dear little Tinypuce,

Happy birthday my love! You are six months already. Six months et toutes ses dents pas du tout de dents. Oh well, don't worry, they will come these little teeth of yours :)

By now you have already accumulated more nicknames than anyone could ever wish for. Kært barn har mange navne, they say in Denmark, and it's oh-so true. A loved child as many names. Just to give you a few, we have the now-famous tinymus, and its French variation tinypuce, but also, in no specific order: Olive, Lili, Livia, Olivebadolive (can you tell who came up with this one?), Miss O, Baby O (Tatate Soaz just reminded me!), puce, pucinette, tinypucinette, minette, sweetpea, skat, etc...

Six months. And six countries already under your belt. You go little one! Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the latest Israel -which is where we are right now. To celebrate your half birthday yesterday, we went down to the beach in the evening, dipped your feet in the water since you love it so much, and afterwards we blew some big soap bubbles to celebrate....which, turns out, you could have cared less about. Ungrateful child :D hehe oh well, at least your mama had a blast blowing them!

My tinylove, you have brought so much joy in our life these past few months. You have opened more doors for us than you could possibly imagine, and we can't wait to find out what life with you is going to bring in the future. I hear your dad say "Poopy diapers!".... but enough said for today, because, after all, this is only a half birthday and I should keep the really good stuff for January.

Keep on rocking our world, little girl!

Love ya to pieces,



Soaz said...

et BabyO alors? il est private rien que pour moi celui là?

Audrey said...

Ha mais oui je savais bien que j'en avais oublie un ou deux :) Allez zou, c'est rajoute!