Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Old Sweden

We've been so so lucky to "meet" a lot of new cities and places lately. Like cousin Oslo a few months ago. Or also good old great aunt Sweden this past week. Another of these places that is like an far-away relative. You don't know really know well, but you've only hear stories about....stories that are sometimes flattering, and sometimes not depending on who tell them ;)

And you get there, and it feels comfortable right away. We get a big glass of wine when you arrive, you sit down outside and you just know you're gonna get along.

We happened to find great aunt Sweden in her tiny red wooden summer house hidden deep in the forest, not too far from a beautiful lake. Total quietness and Olivia was able to get her master's degree in tree-hugging while we were there.The only neighbors were - guess who- our dear friends the I told you Sweden just felt familiar!

An eye for an eye...mmmm. Or rather, a hand for an eye.

It was relaxed, it was chill, it was oh-so simple and exactly what we needed. Sweden winked at us, and we winked right back.

We actually didn't "do" much during the week, aside a little "elk safari" which is probably the biggest tourist trap there is in Sweden. Yep - when we choose a touristy attraction in the Smits family, we don't joke around with that :D

But who cares. This vacation was not about scoring ten museums from our to-do list or dinning every night at a fancy restaurant. Rather, it was all about the small moments: going for a swim to cool down in the afternoon. Sitting by the lake to watch the sun set behind the trees with the distant sound of kids jumping in the water and singing "hakuna matata".

Being followed by a butterfly on my way to the lake - there is nothing like making friends during a vaca. The smell of pine trees when the heat is cranking up outside. And the best of the best: dangling little girls by their feet :)

Talking about heat, we got back to Denmark and first thing we did was get a mini-swimming pool for Miss O. And she digged it let me tell you: feet in the water and trees all around her....what else could she possibly ask for?

My daddy, he's so funny when he makes bubbles

Look mama, no hands! :)

Hopefully she is enjoying the cooler weather of Denmark, because on Sunday we are meeting yet another friend, this time a friend from the hot hot East: we are going to Israel. Not planned, a bit last minute, and I am so so excited about it! Thank you oh thank you frequent flyer miles ;)


Laura said...

What a lovely and relaxing vacation! :) I loved the pictures of Troels swinging little Olivia upsidedown! :) Also, do you know what flower/plant that is that you have a pic of in this post? It's so beautiful and dainty! I like it a lot.

Audrey said...

@ Laura - We had such a relaxing vacation indeed :) I believe the flower is that of the water parsnip. I love it to, it's just beautiful. Hugs!