Thursday, July 1, 2010


24 hours. 1440 minutes. A whole day. Of fun.

A whole day of feeling like life can never be any better. And yet, nothing extraordinary happened, really, when I look back at it. But all the little things added up to make this big, fat, beautiful day.

It started last night with our friends coming for dinner. We grilled meat. We sang to Mikkel playing the guitar and Anders the piano iphone. We held our crying babies tight and kissed them until they could fall asleep. We shared wine and laughs. It has been so good to move back closer to Troels' friends, there is just somethings special about hanging out with old friends.

Late night meant we were a bit slow getting started in the morning....until Troels told me "Gather a few things, and pack the Tinypuce. I am taking you guys on a short trip. It's a surprise!" Ohhhh he didn't need to say more. I am surprise-nut. They are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world....the anticipation that something good is coming, and that this coming could be just about anything in the world. That gets to me every time, I feel like a little girl :) And Troels, well, he know how to push that button in me really well. Love love love all of his surprises. You are the best, babe.

And where did Troels take us? To what I think is the best park in all of Denmark. It is called Dyrehaven, it is the size of a forest, with the biggest and most beautiful trees I have ever seen, and has tons of Bambis running around. Central Park and its evil squirrels have no chance next to it.

Oh and I danced on fallen tree trunks like I was in Dirty Dancing...but where oh where was the sexy shirtless guy supposed to dance with me? :D

In addition to bambies, we also saw babies flying around in the air. How 'bout that?

And have you ever seen a mini tree-hygger? Well, Mesdames et Messieurs, I present to you the unique and only Olivia Tinymus! I think I told you before how excited this little girl gets when she is looking up at a tree and the branches are making their big green waves...she probably thinks it is a giant version of the fairies that she has above her bed :)

There is also a small amusement park right next to Dyrehaven, called Bakken.....Perfect for anybody who has been deprived of delicious Danish ice cream and silly park games.

And because we needed to finish these 24 hours right.....a little trip to Nivaa beach in the evening couldn't hurt :)

This is a tired little mouse, let me tell you :)

'nough said (and done) for today! Good night people :)

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Soaz said...

je comprends mieux pourquoi je ne t'ai pas trop vu around hier!
super la video!