Saturday, June 30, 2007

In Belgium: des frites des frites et encore des frites!

Yes, for anybody who may still have doubts in their mind - the stereotype really does hold true in Belgium: THEY DO LOVE FRIES HERE!!!! They've become part of daily "diet" (uhm uhm) since I got here last Sunday. Despite the reason why French fries are called French fries, I still think that these should be renamed to Belgian would only be fair! Oh and then there is the chocoalte! oooooh the chocolate :D I just bought close to 5 kilos of it to send back to the office in Redmond and London -any of you reading my blog? Get excited them, you have a care package coming your way ;)

Unfortunately, too much work this week at the office and I didn't get a chance to go to the city center of Brussels. However, we went to Leuven on Tuesday night to have dinner with Gunter and Chris. We walked around for a while - and of course spent some time at the terrace of a cafe enjoy the wonderful Belgian beer :) Enjoy the pics!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you back soon, Audrey!

It was really fun. Let me know if you're into more fries :)

Anonymous said...

i loooooooooove their fries too! there's this place on capital hill i go to named Frites, next to neumos that haveeeeee to visit alll the time. miss you neighbor =)