Thursday, June 21, 2007

Euro-trip...well kinda :D

i will be traveling quite a bit over the next few weeks - don't get jealous, I am not going on vacation again :) This is going to be business traveling, but notheless really cool. If you are in one of the following location at the time, give me a shout and we'll try to meet up :)
  • 06/24/07 to 07/01/07: Brussels, Belgium to meet my account teams - Vous avez mis du rose au frais, les gars? :)
  • 07/01/07 to 07/04/07: London, UK - Celinette?

  • 07/08/07 to 07/10/07: Lisbon, Portugal - Cesar, wanna come? I need a translator :D

A etre partie autant....heureusement que j'ai pas de poisson rouge! :D C'est la concierge qui serait pas contente!

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