Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On to Western Ireland!

Last week my sister and my nephew came to visit me for a few days, and we decided to rent a car to get out of Dublin a bit and travel to the Connemara region. My sister got really excited to drive on the left side of the road - maybe too much on the left too at times too :D

Anyway. I had such a great memory of it from when I came ten years ago with my family. And the memories held true - it was absolutely splendid! Fields of green, a rocky coast and an ocean reflecting the thousand colors of the Irish sky - well that is, the one blue and 999 varities of grey :D

We had a great time. I hadn't seen the water since foerever - or at least it seemed like it. Having lived in Seattle for a year, seing the water on a daily basis has become like a drug! Driving around the coast, going over all of the little stone bridges, all of it felt so nice and peaceful.......that is, until we drove around for a while, and noticed grass on the road.....ha ha then not so peaceful :) mmmm did we get lost????? Nah, directions in the Irish countryside are so well signaled :D Lost? Nooooooo. My nephew "Maman, on est perdus?" mmmmmm, how to say, nooooo my dear, we are just enjoying the scenery of roads where nobody ever goes. Good times :) After stopping at the few houses in the area, and talking to the kindest man with the strongest Irish accent I have ever heard, we finally figured out where we were (that is, completely at the opposite from where we were trying to go :D ). Go figure :) The Belliard usually never get lost!!!! Maybe the leprechauns put something in our water....or maybe it was the Guinness :)

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