Friday, June 1, 2007

Willy Wonka in Cowland...yum chocolate :)

Today my name wasn't Audrey, nor Dreydrey or Frenchie, but Charlie: this morning I took Cal, Nico and their parents to visit the chocolate factory where I had my chocolate resume made last year, called Les Editions Du Chocolat. This is one of my favorite places to be when I am back home, and I wanted the kids to see it as well since I talk about it so much. Since the very first day they opened the factory, I have been just fascinated by their products. The company makes promotional chocolates/personalized luxury chocolate boxes for the biggest brands - Kenzo, Coca-Cola, BMW, etc. Not your regular chocolates: white chocolate molded on dark chocolate to create the most amazing designs, as well as beautiful packaging. All of the products have the most wonderful design, and are tailored to each company and the marketing campaigns they have going.

Marc Lafarge, the company's CEO and a good friend of my family, gave us the funniest and most amazing tour of the factory. Our favorite part: sticking our fingers under the fountains of white and dark chocolates. Yummmm! The eyes of the kids were sparkling with happiness the entire time. We left the place with tons of samples and secrets that we all swore to we wouldn't tell anymore.....quite frankly I would not be surprised if our dreams happened in a world made of chocolate tonight :)

Will add pics to this post soon ;) Pour le plaisir des yeux!

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gwen said...

hello my dear Charlie!
tu en as parcouru du chemin avant ton retour parmi nous et ce n'est pas fini...bientot depart pour l'irlande youhou!!alors en fait mon anglais est deja trés loin j'ai bcp de mal a comprendre tout ce que tu racontes alors en attendant le plaisir de te revoir que tu nous donnes la vf en direct on en prend plein les yeux avec les photos...ce que j'ai cru comprendre c'est que ca manquait de commentaire mais n'avais pas réussi a mettre de mot les autres fois...mais me voila!
je te fais plein de gros bisous bonne continuation surtout profite...a bientot ma bella!!