Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First day at work

Today was my first day at work. Overall really good, got to spend some quality time with my coworkers - a good group of people, should be interesting ;) Grrrr people keep telling me that I have an accent.....do they realize that they are the ones with the accent??? eh eh eh. Geeze wherever I go seems like I am going to loose at that game: a French accent in the US, an American accent in Ireland....and even an American accent when I speak French. Soon I'll probably be adding a Belgian accent to the lot since I'll be spending so much time there :) oooh good times!

Alright, so one thing that is just WEIRD about the Dublin office: NOBODY has trash cans! And when I mean nobody.....I mean nobody!....The only trash can I found on our floor was the one in the kitchen :S I guess Irish peoople are really serious about not protecting the environment, they decided not to trash :D mmmmm I really have to figure this one out.

Other than that, I've got a nice place, and on top of it is right accross from work, so I can't complain! If you want the address, -as well as I my new cell phone number- send me an email or leave a comment and I'll make sure to send it over ;)

The Dublin Office

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Laurel Jacobs said...

It's bloody awesome to see you are settled in D-town. We miss you! Hope you are enjoying life there. Hugs,