Sunday, June 3, 2007

Burrying the Bachelors' life

In France, when you have you bachelor/bachelorette party -often celebrate together these days-, we are quite serious about it: we burry the bachelors' life.....litterally :) Last night, we had a such a party for my friends Pamela and Matthieu, who are getting married. So, in addition to having the couple go on scavenger hunts dressed in silly costumes etc, one of the oldest traditions for bachelor parties is to fill out a coffin with bottles of wine: each person attending the party brings one bottle and usually writes a personal note on it and voila! Evrything goes in the coffin. Then, the coffin is burried in either the couple's backyard or sometimes that of their parents, and is only to be brought back up when the couple has its first child and shared with the people who originally came to the bachelor party, to celebrate the birth of the child :)

Of course, part of the fun is also getting the couple tp dig the whole - or rather, how to make sure that they have the hardest time making it and keeping it as is until they are ready to bring the coffin at the end of the night. Oh on Saturday we had plenty of fun putting all the dirt back when Pam and Matt were not looking :)

Was a blast and seriously I would not have missed this in the world! Can't wait until they have their first baby.....means everybody who was there is invited to digg up the coffin. Soazic, you missed out really ;)


Seb said...

Nice pics!
They're both so cute.
Anyway, I'd say that Mat looks better in Superman dress than Pam :P
I wish I'll be able to see them in wedding dress...

Audrey said...

Ha ha let's see if we can have Matt wear Pam's wedding dress :D That would be hilarious!!!!!!