Monday, October 31, 2011

Little bit of Halloween

I've had a great weekend. Cozied up at home for the most part, we watched the very first snow of the season fall on New YOrk city. Layed down on the couch with my head right by the window, and watch the snow fall as if it was going to fall right on my face. I love that feeling.

So we read books. Yep, can't beat the Teletubbies ;)

We played with cans.

And then, we had a little bit of Halloween fun too :) Nicole invited us to her building's Halloween party, and Olivia had fun running around with Maddie.

And our Maddie, well she didn't move quite as much. FIrst because she can't do much but roll for now. And second, even if she could, mommy got her locked up in the silliest lobster costume she could find :) Happy Halloween to you all!

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