Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another day in paradise

Read the title of this post with a little of irony, it won't hurt :) Granted that, the time I spend with my girls is the best and I love it...99% of the time. ANd I am sure if you look at the pictures below you probably think "What angels she has, what could she possibly be complaining about?". I know they are cute, these two, but don't be fooled.

Both have been sick for a while, so we're having tough night. Adding to that, we feel that Olivia is entering the terrible twos. She refuses to nap in the afternoon. And instead, decides to spend her nap time wisely by drawing with a purple crayon on the walls of the bedroom. And that lack of nap, well, maybe It led to a meltdown at the library on Wednesday. Yep, I was that mom, with the bratty kid rolling on the floor, screaming, kicking her feet. A lot of fun, I tell you :)

And I could post pictures of the purple crayon art. Or of the bratty kid at the library. I usually would. But today, let me be in denial, please pretty please? Just so I can look below, and just think "Ah, another beautiful day in paradise!".

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