Sunday, October 23, 2011

Growing up

There are a few weeks that are on my "wow-my-little-girl-is-growing-up" list. LIke most people, her first day at school. When she starts driving. When she goes to college. When she starts dating - please notice how I put that last....her dad prob won't let her date anyone until she is 40.

And then, there is the first day my little girl wore pigtails. Because yes, it's a big step for me. She is no baby no more. She is a little girl that can get her hair done. And she doesn't even say a thing when I do her hair. I was expecting screams, tears, pulling away from me... But no, she just sits there. She likes it. And that makes me love it even more.

So we took our big girl and her little sister to the playground. And I just spent the entire time watching my girl, thinking "wow-my-little-girl-is-growing-up".

And she is growing up to be such a loving little thing. I love to see her sneak up to her dad and steal a hug. Makes my heart melt every time.

And she helps me with my sewing projects. She is very focused. Very focused on making a big mess :) But hey, gotta start somewhere.

But please little girl - please, don't grow too fast, ok?

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