Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Sleeping Garden

I am the Sleeping Beauty. All the plants in my kingdom have gone wild and unruly. Or so it seems at our house :)

When we first saw this house, we completely fell in love with it - and especially it's garden. I could just picture our little Tinymus crawling around the garden, chasing the ladybugs....eating the dirt. Of course, I knew the garden needed a little bit of work....little did I know how much that "little" was! We've had nice weather al weeks, so I geared up in my new found garden outfit, digged up the gardening tools in our shed. Walking with the tools on my shoulder, I felt like the dwarfs in Snow white except in my case "It's home to work I go".

And I started cleaning.

And cleaning.

And cleaning.

That's when I realized that our garden "spring cleaning" would probably last until fall. Now that I look at it, the garden probably hasn't been cleaned in about 5 years. 5 Years of leaves and dirt and snails and renter's treasures accumulating. I thought the side of our house was a nice patch of dirt where I could make my vegetable garden - only to find a while patio made of brick under 10 centimeters of dirt. Lovely!

But no loosing hope that I can fix this garden - so come back in a few weeks for before/after picture of the big makeover!

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