Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Olivia kind of morning

Olivia and I have had the best mornings lately. A warm cup of tea on my night desk to wake up en douceur, Tinymus and I curl up under the covers for some much needed kisses and calins, smiles and snuggles. We chat her and I, talk about our worlds and the future - if daddy pops back in the room, he'll tell her that no matter what I tell her during our little morning conversations, she is absolutely not allowed to date before she is at least 30! Like I said.....Daddy's little girl :)

While a get dressed I usually put her down in her bed to look at all the fairies and bugs going round and round above her head. She is crazy about them - after all, I think they might be her first friends ever. I get my morning laugh looking at her while she concentrates to try and follow each of them, and smiles at them with the biggest smiles and giggles.

Focus, this is some serious business. If I wink they will be gone!

She might still wake me up during the night - but mornings with her just make it all up!

Sweet sweet Spring.

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